1. to make (something) neat

2. decorate (something), typically with contrasting items or pieces of material.

What’s the big idea?

Video projects start off as concepts in search of a purpose. At Trim production concepts are driven by both practical and creative imperatives.  Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to charge for ideas so they typically get wrapped up in execution costs.

Develop Your Message

Marketing is the process of communicating the value of your product or service to a specific audience. At Trim we facilitate the things that you need to tell your audience that will resonate with them.

Video and Media

We provide companies a full range of online video marketing services including web video production, video promotions, social media video outlets and online media platforms for sales, marketing and communications.



1. the introduction of something new or different

2. a new idea, method, or device

Your Story

Our team of motion designers and/or cinematographers create your video. We integrate your feedback on animation direction and final revision requests.

Advanced Functionality

– Experienced, Dependable Crew / Staff
– Post-Production & Visual FX Services
– Music Supervision & Custom Scoring
– Full Web & Graphic Design Support

Identity Management

– Brand-Driven Concept Creation
– Analysis of Industry & Competition
– Social Media Campaign Integration
– New Media & Traditional Ad Buying



1. resulting from originality of thought.

2. having the quality or power of creating.