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Michael Locke

Hey! I’m Mike, a Birmingham based artist, freelance designer, animator, and filmmaker.

I love working with small, excited, focused startups with big ideas. Preferably with clients where I can be attentive to the details. I’m passionate about simplicity, ease of use, aesthetic beauty and improving the lives of others through great design. If your passions align with mine and your promising start-up is lagging or yet to be funded, sometimes I will consider working based on contract or on small payment terms.

I am currently working as a free-lance designer under my company Trim Media. I am servicing Birmingham's growing small business sector and velocity startup hub at Innovation Depot with design, web, video, post-production & motion graphics work. I work with small businesses that need the power of a custom web design to push themselves into the online market, as well as local startups seeking promotional video projects and slick animations for video content.