Nothing drives your point home

faster and easier than video!

Unfortunately, many small to medium sized business owners never fully incorporate the power of video into their online marketing strategy.

Trim Media is composed of a team of highly driven video editors and animators ready to tackle your business’ motion graphics needs.

Brand identity is the message the consumer receives from the product, person, or thing. The brand identity will connect product recognition.

The total composite of elements that shape how your brand is perceived. Some brand identities are tied to the practical elements: design, packaging, etc.

Since brand identity is all about introducing yourself to your audience, it’s important to make it an enjoyable experience. In information design, that means providing a truly consistent and cohesive presentation.

Video & Animation Costs & Rates

Consulting on Brand Identity

Charged Hourly
Price $40

Video & Animation Pre-Production

Videographer sent to onsite B-Roll (optional)
Acquiring Assets for Branding Identity Logo Animations
3 Change requests / iterations are included in the price
Price: $1,000


Video Editing
Animation Production
1 Major Revision Change request / iterations are included in the price
1 Minor Revision Change request
Price: $2,000

Promotional Deliverables Designed and Sent to Client

No more change requests
Price: $300

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